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  • Duration: 3
  • From: 300 €
  • Departure: All weekends
  • Minimum of places: 2
Malaga. Palacio Solecio with dinner in Balausta and winery visit.

Stay at the Palacio Solecio in the centre of Malaga next to the Alcazaba and a few steps from the shopping area and enjoy a gastronomic menu in the Balausta restaurant of José Carlos García, 1 Michelin star chef.

You can choose to visit a bodega in the amazing Axarquia or in charming Ronda.


All weekends

Axarquía winery option 15/11/2021 to 22/12/2022

  • Price per person in double room: 300€

All weekends

Ronda winery option 15/11/2021 to 22/12/2022

  • Price per person in double room: 310€

All weekends

Axarquía winery option 23/12/2021 to 31/12/2022

  • Price per person in double room: 355€

All weekends

Ronda winery option 23/12/2021 to 31/12/2022

  • Price per person in double room: 365€
Arrival. Check-in at the hotel. We suggest you to enjoy the gastronomic menu at lunch (or dinner) and then have a drink or a cocktail in one of the terraces of the city.

Breakfast at the hotel.

If you opt for Axarquia: visit to the DIMOBE winery
Bodegas Dimobe (A. Muñoz Cabrera) is a family business founded in 1927 in Moclinejo by Juan Muñoz Navarrete, who started out with five second-hand American oak casks and a century-old beam press.

The wine tourism activities allow us to show visitors the history of vineyards and wine in Malaga through the history of our winery, thanks to the inheritance we have received. The wine tourism experience revolves around the culture of wine, because wine is food, health, tradition, landscape and history, all from the Axarquia region.
From the winery we carry out wine tourism activities such as visits to the winery, the vineyards and raisins, wine tastings and different events related to oenology. Visits are booked in advance and are subject to the availability of the facilities.

Among vineyards, olive and almond trees lies Moclinejo, a village of Arabic origin with narrow streets and houses adapted to the unevenness of the terrain. Known as the Gateway to the Raisin Route, this municipality produces a delicious wine and olive oil of great quality, although any time of year is ideal to visit this village in the Axarquia region, September is a special occasion. The Fiesta de Viñeros, one of the most attractive events in Moclinejo's calendar, is held during this month.

If you opt for Ronda: a visit to the EXELENCIA winery.
Dedicated to wine production since 2006, located in a privileged area of the Serrania de Ronda, where centuries ago the Roman city of Acinipo was located, the origin of the history of Ronda wines. Its main objective is to spare no effort and sacrifice in order to achieve excellence in winemaking in the Serrania.
The bodega is built in harmony with the terrain and is set into the hillside to achieve the effect of an underground cellar.

This provides ideal environmental conditions for the ageing of the wines: the barrel room is located 7 metres underground, with a surface area of 600 m2 and currently houses 150 French oak barrels of different grains and toasts with sleeper systems.

The underground part of the winery also houses, with a further 600 m2 of floor space, a temperature-controlled production and fermentation hall, an air-conditioned bottle storage and resting area, as well as the laboratory, the bottling room and the warehouse for the reception of goods.

This town in Malaga divides its urban area on both sides of the Tajo del Ronda, a gorge more than 150 metres deep. Its old quarter has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest. Celts, Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs inhabited these lands, which were reconquered by the Catholic Monarchs.

The old quarter, with its Arab reminiscences and medieval layout, is dispersed to the south of the Guadalevín, while the more modern Ronda, which emerged from the 16th century onwards, spreads out to the north of this riverbed. Various bridges link these two halves of one of the most interesting towns on the White Villages route, in the heart of the Ronda highlands, just a few kilometres from the Costa del Sol.

The so-called "city of castles" stands on a natural watchtower defended, in its most accessible part, by a citadel. Its walls and the most important gates that gave access to the city are still preserved. The Almocábar Gate (13th century) was the access to the southern end of the town centre, the gate of Carlos I dates from the 16th century, while the Exijara Gate led to the Jewish quarter.

You can complement any of the visits by tasting Km. 0 products with local wines. Let us advise you.

Return and accommodation at the hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel.

There is the opportunity to visit another winery, or visit the city, some of its many interesting museums such as the Picasso, Carmen Thyssem Pompidou, National Russian Art, etc. or enjoy any of the cultural or natural attractions of the province. End of the trip and our services.

Balausta tasting menu (subject to change according to season):
Traditional Russian salad
Porra antequerana with tuna belly and marinated potatoes
Marinated partridge rice
Fish from our coasts
Tataki of beef sirloin steak
Lemon pie with basil and lime sorbet

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