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Bodegas Excelencia: Rediel blanc + Viña Daron rosé + Rondarte roble


Wines from Ronda (Málaga). Bodegas Excelencia. Rediel Blanc, Viña Daron y Rondarte Roble

  • D.O.: Sierras de Málaga
  • Origin: Ronda
  • Wine cellar: Excelencia
  • Type: Dry
  • Format: 3 bottles of 750 ml.

30 €


The winery is built in harmony with the terrain so that it is set into the hillside to achieve the effect of an underground cellar. This provides ideal environmental conditions for the ageing of the wines: the barrel room is located 7 metres underground, with a surface area of 600 m2 and currently houses 150 French oak barrels of different grains and toasts with sleeper systems. In the underground part of the winery, with a further 600 m2 of surface area, there is also a temperature-controlled winemaking and fermentation room and a climate-controlled bottle storage and resting room, as well as the laboratory, the bottling room and the warehouse for the reception of goods.
    Blend of : Moscatel morisco (70 %), Pedro Ximenez (20 %), Doradilla (10 %). In order to obtain the best quality of our wines, the harvest and fermentation of the different varieties are carried out separately, the final stage being the moment to decide which coupage or blend to choose, under the supervision and control of the oenologist. Harvesting is done manually with a double selection of clusters by experienced personnel, a first selection in the vineyard itself and a second on the selection table in the winery. After temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks, the wine is stabilised and bottled and left to settle for a minimum period of 2 months, which will give it roundness and finesse.
    • TASTING NOTES: Appearance: Clean, bright and pale with greenish glints. When swirling the glass it shows good tears, quite glyceric. Nose: Very clean and with medium-high aromatic intensity, with typical Muscatel aromas, accompanied by another series of aromatic notes from the Pedro Ximénez and Doradilla. Notes of ripe stone fruit (peach, apricot) appear, with tropical fruit (pineapple). All accompanied by floral notes and a herbaceous background, which gives a touch of greenery to the nose of the wine. Palate: It is a wine with a very balanced acidity that gives it good freshness. Light in the mouth, with a fresh and very pleasant passage, accompanied by a saline touch very well assembled with the freshness given by the acidity. The retronasal passage shows good persistence with hints of white flowers and stone fruit.
    • FOOD PAIRING: Ideal with all types of fish, seafood, rice dishes and fideuá.
    • ALCOHOL: 12,5% VOL.
  • VIÑA DARON rosé
    Viña Darón 2019. This rosé is made with specially selected grapes from our own vineyard. Soils: sandy-clayey with calcareous subsoil, which provide elegance, good acidity and longevity in our wines.100% Cabernet Franc The grapes are harvested by hand in 15 kg boxes, following our quality policy, with a double selection of clusters under the supervision of our oenologist. After maceration at low temperature for 24 hours, the must is separated from the skins using the bleeding method. Alcoholic fermentation then begins at a temperature of between 16º and 18º. Once the fermentation process is finished, the wine is stabilised, filtered and bottled, to be transferred to our cellar where it will finish rounding off.
    • TASTING NOTES: Appearance: Salmon colour. Nose: Lots of ripe stone fruit, apple. Palate: Stone fruit, apricot, custard apple, with good acidity.
    • FOOD PAIRING: Ideal for the onset of heat, due to its great acidity and structure, it is an ideal wine to accompany more substantial meals, such as rice, chicken, white meats and pasta.
    • ALCOHOL: 12,5 % VOL.
    To make Rondarte 2018 we started with a selection of the best Tempranillo grapes from our own vineyard. Soils: sandy-clayey with calcareous subsoil, which gives us elegance and longevity. 100% Tempranillo The grapes are harvested by hand in 15 kg crates, following our quality policy, with a double selection of clusters, always under the supervision of our oenologist. Once the fermentations are finished, the wine is transferred to French oak barrels for a short period of time, then it is stabilised, filtered and bottled, for its subsequent transfer to our resting room where it will finish rounding off.
    • TASTING NOTES: Appearance: Medium depth, cherry colour with purple rim. Nose: Well-integrated wood, smoky and fresh. Palate: Astringency with good entry, sweet, persistent and structured.
    • FOOD PAIRING: Given that it is a very fresh and fruity wine, as well as being ideal as an accompaniment to a variety of tapas, it will also go perfectly with meats, pasta, salads and rice dishes.
    • ALCOHOL: 14 %.

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