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Cured cheese made from raw Malaga goat's milk


Cured cheese from goat's milk

  • D.O.: Cabra malagueña
  • Origin: Malaga
  • Wine cellar: La Hortelana
  • Type: Curado
  • Format: 500 gr. aprox.

15 €


The Malaga goat, the breed used to make La Hortelana's dairy products, is a very selective animal in its diet. It chooses only the most tender branches and the freshest herbs. Hence the quality of the milk it produces. This goat herd follows the farming system typical of Mediterranean areas. In other words, as in the past, the goats go out into the fields every day, taking advantage of the stubble, pruning waste and the various plants that cover the nearby mountain ranges and pastures. This gives the milk its own characteristics, ideal for making semi-cured and cured cheeses, as well as a wide range of desserts, rice pudding, curd or custard.

La Hortelana raw milk cured cheese is a product designed for those who are looking for a product with personality, handmade and with the flavour that only raw goat's milk from Malaga can provide. In this true delicatessen, the complexity of its pungent smell stands out, with clean animal notes on a hazelnut background, typical of cheeses made with raw milk. Its texture is firm, reliable and sandy and its persistence is long. It has been distinguished on several occasions for its quality, as was the case at the last edition of the Feria-Mercado de Queso Artesano held in October in Teba, where it won first prize in its category. A red wine from Ronda or a sweet muscatel from La Axarquía go perfectly with this cured cheese.

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